Providing You with Care at Home

Horizons Care Ltd, is a privately owned Home Care Company, providing care for our clients in the comfort of their own homes. We specialise in the delivery of custom made ‘Live- in’ care

which is personal to you and your lifestyle. 

My inspiration to care for and support the elderly came one summer afternoon, after meeting an elderly woman, who lived at a retirement village, near my home. We shared a bench and a chat, which led to several other inspiring conversations and laughs. A beautiful companionship grew over the years, and it is as a result of this friendship that I found myself taking on a job as a carer.

During this time I not only realised how much I enjoyed my job, it was the most rewarding and satisfying job I had ever done and continue to do today, as the Director of Horizons Care. 

Several months were then spent setting up a team of like -minded carers, who share my passion of caring. Today, the Horizons Care Team is made up of caring, compassionate, competent and dedicated staff with a wealth of experience and relevant up-to-date skills.

We are a small and growing company. Steady growth allows me to work alongside my team to provide exceptional custom -made consistent care, which is at the heart of what we do.

Our clients are not addresses or postcodes on a customer base, we maintain personal relationships with them and their families.  For many of our clients, their 'horizon' is limited within four walls or within the confinement of their homes, due to various reasons like limited mobility, loneliness/depression or health issues etc.


Universally, the horizon represents a symbol of hope, aspirations and dreams. For the people  we care for, their hopes and aspirations, can be anything from, going to buy a newspaper every morning, maintaining healthy eating, daily exercise, participating in local activities and events, being able to get out of bed each morning, gardening, or being greeted with a friendly smile each morning, the list is endless as it is unique to each individual’s goals and aspirations.

My Story......

It is this 'uniqueness' which is reflected in the core values of Horizons Care:

We our service users

We adapt to change 

We Love........what we do; we are passionate and compassionate 

Horizons Care represents a symbol of hope, inspiration and motivation to our clients and we are on hand to help create a 'new horizon' in the day-to-day lives of the people we care for.

My philosophy is a quote from one of my favourite authors, “Success is doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well.” (Jim Rohn). Even if it is making a cup of tea or coffee! However, they say, "The proof is in the pudding!", Call us for a chat, or to book a consultation and we can work together to design a personalised care plan which suits you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Better Care Starts with You!